Hello there—I’m afraid you’re a little earlier than I expected… Why not make yourself comfortable? I’m just going to have a quick tidy up around you, if you don’t mind…

Welcome to the redesigned, rebuilt, re-purposed Things aren’t really finished yet, so I’ll be getting on that asap.

I’ve run CSS Wizardry for a while now, and had the @csswizardry Twitter account for almost two years. As CSS Wizardry has taken off, has taken a back seat, and the gap between the two has widened. has done nothing but gather dust and cost me money, so I thought a proper effort to get it doing something worthwhile was in order.

I’ve decided that needs to be a place for everything that isn’t web dev related. Here I’ll post, well, anything I guess. It’ll mainly be trials stuff, food stuff, personal stuff. Stuff that doesn’t belong on CSS Wizardry.


I’ve also set up a personal Twitter account at @HdotRdot (seriously, that was the best that was available around my name) so that’ll be for random, personal Tweets about other non-dev stuff.

Or so is the plan…

Anyway, if you only follow me for geeky web things and suchlike then I guess this site and Twitter account won’t be of much interest to you, which is cool. See you over at CSS Wizardry!


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