Hi, I’m Harry. I am a 21 year old web developer, trials rider and type geek from Leeds, UK. I am a Senior UI Developer at Sky, I write a web development blog over at CSS Wizardry, I tweet nerdy stuff at @csswizardry and miscellanies at @hry_rbrts.

A photo of Harry Roberts

Photo by Suzanna Haworth

harryroberts.co.uk is my personal site—CSS Wizardry is mainly for web development articles and tutorials, my professional brand, if you will. I’ve yet to find a definite purpose for harryroberts.co.uk so it’s a work in progress, an evolving space of sorts.


N.B. I am not a chef or a gourmet cook, I’m a guy who likes to eat!

I think I might throw some recipes out there—I’m not a chef, nor do I cook gourmet meals. I cook food that is quick, simple, fresh and tasty. I’m not the kind of guy who spends two hours cooking and half an hour washing up for 15 minutes of eating, I’m the kind of guy who uses basic ingredients to create surprisingly tasty meals. Perfect for people who, like me, live alone and don’t have masses of spare time. If you like gourmet food, look away now…


This is a personal website. The thoughts and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of my employer and/or profession.

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